for adults and children near Quebec City

Horseback riding lessons

Come and experience this amazing sport with our riding lessons. We offer 5 lesson series, the lessons are 45 minutes to 1 hour. They allow you to learn how to ride at your own pace. Classes are held in our new sand paddock, our passionate instructor will give you her passion for horses and help you learn while having fun. « Riding is the only individual sport done by a team. » 🙂

For beginners

For beginners, we take the time to show the new rider a safe approach to the horse, explain how a horse reacts, his body language. Afterwards, you will learn to take good care of your new teammate, brush it, clean the hooves, put the saddle and bridle on properly.

The horse part

The lessons begin at the walk, you will learn basic control (ask for the walk, direct the horse, natural aids, artificial aids, stop.) When these skills are acquired, the fun begins! You will be challenged with several balance, direction and other exercises by your instructor. All with instructions to correct the position of the rider. Everything will be followed with learning the trot and the gallop, the student will then be able to choose a discipline to practice (trailriding, dressage, jumping, barrelracing, etc ..) Many strength and balance exercises await for the horse and rider!

The theorical part

The theoretical part is optional, but essential to learn to take care and know the horse! The theoretical courses last 15 minutes in your riding lessons, We give the theory with notes and practice the skills learned with the rider. The subjects vary, learn the basics (colours, horse size, basic anatomy, anatomy of the hoof, view and communication of the horse, type of equipment), or improve your knowledge (lameness, lameness care, Types of colic, how to treat them, how to protect them, how to put boots on, bandages and how to install them, pharmacy, types of medicines (how to give them), the most frequent hoof diseases and how to detect them, Etc !!!!

Horseriding courses for children

Horse back riding lessons for kids (4 years and up) 5 lesson series. From the first class, the apprentice rider will learn to take care of his or her horse. The first step is learning to brush the horse and prepare it for the saddle, next step is to install the equipment (saddle pads, saddle and bridle) on the horse. Every young rider will learn to safely manipulate a horse from one point and step to another and also to understand his or her new buddy's body language. Each lesson will include a theoretical and practical component that will allow your child to gain confidence in his horse. Each Cowboy apprentice will evolve at his own pace with the help of our riding instructor. It is therefore possible that the practical and theoretical aspects of each course will change according to your child's development. The theoretical components will allow the apprentice to start off on the right foot with his horse and to be safe when he is riding. Notes will be given at the end of each series. The end of each course series will be mentioned with a riding diploma given by the child's instructor.

1st serie

Initiation to the horse; How to approach and manipulate a horse, learn the language of horses. Basic horse care; How and why to brush, types of brushes, how to install the saddle and girth. Basic riding; The walk, balance and position exercises of the new rider, how to control and direct the horse (ask for the walk, stop, and basic direction), and finally, practice without being held by the instructor.

2nd serie

Basic horse care; Practice basic care to become a pro! Learning coat colours, markings and the horse's paces. Emphasis put on riding; Practice the precision of direction around different courses, balance exercises as well as working on the young rider's position. If the young rider is ready, he will start the trot on leash.

3rd serie

Different horse boots and bandages, when and why to use them. Practice on all of the exercises as well as trotting, obstacle course (cones), beginning of riding out in the forest.

4th serie

Intensive riding series. Trotting practice (balance and rising trot), trot in suspension, obstacle course. Hiking in the forest with trot.

5th serie

Intensive riding series. Balance practice and perfecting of the rider's position in the trot. First canter on leash, hiking in the forest in different courses. The last riding class will be an exam for the official graduation of our apprentice cowboy. End of the apprentice series, beginning of normal riding series.


Courses by reservation

  • To participate in this activity, it is advisable to book your tickets in advance.
  • Class hour: 10h, 11h 15, 13h 30, 15h, 16h 30, 17h 30
  • Please arrive 30 minutes early


  • Please arrive 30 minutes early
  • Have long pants and closed shoes.
  • Minimum age: 4 ans.
  • Bring your bike helmets. Wearing a helmet is recommended especially for children but it is not mandatory.

Interested in this activity?


for 1 person
$65.00 / each course
  • Course for 2 persons : $60.00 / each course
  • Course for 3 persons : $45.00 / each course
from 5 to 6 years
$23/ Booster seat rental
  • The booster seat is a second seat placed behind the main seat on the same horse. It is suitable for a child from 5 to 6 years.


**Note: our prices are subject to change without notice.